Wood Shavings PMF 4/20 - For Produce Wood Shavings

Produce your own wood shavings! Turn wood scraps into PROFIT!


  • Wood Shavings Mills for all purposes.
  • Wood shavings of different thicknesses for poultry keeping, fairs, Rodeos, expositions, ground covering, for packing vegetables, and others varied uses.
  • It scraps soft or consistent wood of all the types.
  • Robust construction.



  • Fast assembly guarantees an uniform performance without problems.
  • Framework built all in steel, making possible the maximum force and durability.
  • Special reducer for preservation of the load funnel, eliminating problems and extending the durability of the blade.
  • Cutting heads special manufactured for an excellent performance and high quality in Wood Shavings Mills.
  • Lateral exit making possible the direct transfer of wood shavings through an exhaust fan or elevator


  • It provides a good quality of the final product, at the desired moment and desired amount.
  • It reduces the cost of the product (wood shavings) to the producer in 50%.
  • It reduces risks of illnesses to the animals (virus, acidity, dust, lices and others, and also any possible wounds that might be caused by wood shavings of low quality).
  • It provides smaller mortality levels.
  • It provides the condition of choosing the wood to make the product.
  • Wood shavings can be used also as an organic seasoning.
  • It can provide good profits in sells.


Model Specifications Demanded Potency AVG. Prod. Machine Height Box Height Weight
PMF 4/20 Standard 04 axle with 20 razors 35 CV 12m³/H 3500mm x 1750mm x 1100mm 1300mm x 560mm x 460mm 1450 Kg
PMF 4/20 04 axle with 20 razors 45 CV 15m³/H 3500mm x 1750mm x 1100mm 1300mm x 560mm x 460mm 1750 Kg
PMF 4/20 Vídea 04 eixo com 20 heads vídea 45 CV 18m³/H 3500mm x 1750mm x 1100mm 1300mm x 560mm x 460mm 1650 Kg

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