What is wood shavings?

Wood shavings are shavings, larger than sawdust, produced by scrapers and / or other woodworking tools, usually come out in a spiral shape.


What is your raw material?

All types of wood can be used, although pine and eucalyptus are the most suitable, leftover wood, tree branches, wood trunks, palanques, as long as respecting the size of the boxes of wood shavings machines, and that these wood free of nails, irons and other materials that may damage the machine.


Advantages and Benefits

Reuse of materials: the production of wood shavings made it possible to use materials (wood) inside the property, giving a financial return to the owner where it would not have occurred before.

Independence of third parties: with its own production, the producer will no longer be dependent on third parties to obtain wood shavings.

Cost Reduction: with its own production, the producer is able to reduce the cost of producing wood shavings by more than 50%.

Animal Health: a bed of wood shavings can eliminate many of the microorganisms that cause disease to animals, reaching up to 90%, depending on the case.

Short-term return on investment: in a short term, the producer may have a return on investment and also become a supplier of wood shavings, not only producing for himself, ensuring an extra return.

Multiple applications: wood shavings can be used for various uses and applications, both in livestock and agriculture.

High availability of raw material: wood shavings can be produced from many types of wood, be it branches, fallen trees, wood trunks, and various wood species, such as pine, eucalyptus, coastal and others.


Where can wood shavings be used?


The shavings bed is used to avoid direct contact of the bird with the floor, to serve as a substrate for the absorption of water, incorporation of feces and feathers and to contribute to the reduction of temperature fluctuations in the shelter, in order to reduce the disease risk and still use the substrate removed from the shelter and use it later as agricultural fertilizer.



It provides a lower investment cost in buildings and manure management, better comfort and animal welfare and better use of the bed as an agricultural fertilizer, due to the concentration of nutrients and almost total reduction of water contained in the manure.



Beds have become as fundamental an element as horse nutrition itself, thus requiring daily attention and care, as animals today spend more time in stalls than elsewhere, their use is already widespread among equine horses. and jockeys. Like sawdust, they are wood chips and their costs and facilities are similar. It also brings as main advantage the easy maintenance, not requiring a very experienced attendant.


Little animals

Wood shavings can also be used as a bed for small animals, such as chinchillas, rabbits and other species, as it is easy to handle and accessible.


Other applications

The wood shavings can also be applied in accommodation for beef cattle, fairs, rodeos, exhibitions, soil cover, packing of horticultural plants, isolation, animal houses and other varied uses.

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