Wood Shavings Ratating Dryer

Customized projects according to the customer's needs.

Monitoring from the building installations to the complete training of the production team.

Wood shavings, sawdust, chips, yerba mate, rice husk, sand, mud, fibers.

  • Maximum excellence in Dryer of sawdust, wood shavings, rice husk, coffee husk, bagasse from sugar cane and others.
  • Qualified and sterilized wood shavings, free of fungus and eventual contaminations that would cause harm to the animals.
  • Humidity of the product: Avg. entrance: 30 a 40%. Avg. exit: 8%.
  • Equipment with special paiting for hight temperatures until 300°C, synthetic and anticorrosive paint. 
  • Internal shovels in carbon steel plate set for conduction of the product.
  • Rolling track strengthened and settled in screws, for regulation of the set.
  • Four coated and strengthened wheels, that are the sustentation base of the machine.
  • System of wood shavings feeding set by conveyor.
  • System of storage and wood shaving suction is moved by radial fan, with rotating valve.
  • Fuel: firewood furnace with capacity of 250.000 kcal/h, constructed with refractory bricks.
Model Tank Diameter Nº Phases Avg. Production
SRF 15840 8.4m length x 1.9m height 1 15m³/H
SRF 18700 7m length x 2.5m height 3 18m³/H
SRF 25900 9m length x 2.5m height 3 25m³/H

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We also offer the assembly of the entire structure for the continuous dryer. Consult us.

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